Expenditure of the Town Council & Clerk over £500

Expenditure of the Town Council & Clerk over £500

Here you will find authorised expenditure by Knowsley Town Council.




 Report of the Independent Remuneration Panel


  Knowsley Town Council has received a copy of the report of the Independent Remuneration Panel in respect of the payment of Parish Basic Allowance and Chairman’s Allowance.

The Panel noted that Town Councils may resolve to pay their members an

allowance known as Parish Basic Allowance.  The Panel acknowledged that

Town Councils may also pay a Chairman’s Allowance under existing Regulations.

Conclusion of the Panel

 No Parish Basic Allowance be payable during the financial year 2023/24

Reasonable out of pocket expenses for travel and subsistence be reimbursed

in respect of duties and meetings covered by the relevant regulations.

Knowsley Town Council having regard to the Panel’s report on allowances, noted the conclusions of the Panel and RESOLVED to pay members a Basic Members’ Allowance of £846 per year and a Chairman’s Allowance of £1,000

per year.

 Copies of the Panel’s report are available for inspection by arrangement at:

Bob Whiley Community Centre

Shop Road

Knowsley Village


L34 0HD

 Contact: Heather Weightman – Clerk of the Council

on 0151 548 4545