Grants and Sponsorship

rough the provision of grants and sponsorship, the Town Council has always supported groups and organisations benefiting local residents. The Town Council sees this provision as one of the most effective ways in which it can help all sections of the community.

The Town Council, through prudent financial management, has also succeeded in keeping fees and charges at low levels thus enabling local groups to utilise the buildings at very affordable prices. The Town Council is committed to keeping its buildings affordable, and in consequence, the fees and charges have been set to accomplish this goal.

Applications for grants and sponsorships are made on application forms. The applications are considered by councillors at meetings of the General Purposes and Community Grants Committee. Application forms and criteria are included on this webpage.

Latest documents to download


Grant Application  2018- 2019
Grant Application 2018- 2019
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Sponsorship-Form-and-Criteria-2015-2019 Doc
Sponsorship-Form-and-Criteria-2015-2019 Doc
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