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Fly Tipping — Report It!

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of household waste and appliances such as fridges and washing machines. It also includes the dumping of hazardous materials. It is dangerous and costs a huge amount of money to clean up. Convicted fly tippers face a five year prison sentence and a fine of up to £50,000 (unlimited, if the case goes to Crown Court). It is also an offence to let somebody fly tip on your land or use your vehicle in order to fly tip. You can also be prosecuted for failing to Read more [...]

General Election 2017 Results

Result–General Election 2017 George Howarth (Labour) has been elected as the Member of Parliament for Knowsley in the 2017 General Election. The results in full are: ◾Steve Baines (Green Party): 521 votes (0.94%) ◾Carl Anthony Cashman (Liberal Democrats): 1,189 votes (2.14%) ◾George Edward Howarth (Labour Party): 47,351 votes (85.34%) ◾Neil Lawrence Miney (UK Independence Party): 1,285 votes (2.32%) ◾James Michael Spencer (Conservative Party): 5,137 votes (9.26%) Turnout Read more [...]

KNOWSLEY TOWN COUNCIL TOWN COUNCILLOR SURGERIES STOCKBRIDGE WARD   Town Councillors representing the Stockbridge Ward will be holding surgeries commencing Thursday 24th November 2016, details as follows:    VENUE:  The Meeting Room, Sports Pavilion, Pool Hey, Stockbridge Village  DATE:  1ST, 2ND AND 4TH Thursdays in the month  TIMES:  6 p.m. to  8 p.m.           Read more [...]

Maureen Clunan Award 2016

This year, the Maureen Clunan Award was presented to Mary Keeley in recognition of her work in the community of Hillside and Longview. Mary was presented with the ward at the Mayoral Celebration held in June. Read more [...]

Welcome to Cllr Anthony Ely

Cllr A Ely

At the March meeting of the Town Council, no election having been declared to fill the Casual Vacancy, Anthony Ely was co-opted to serve as Labour Councillor representing the Stockbridge Ward.

No Raise In The Town Council Precept In 2016/17

At its meeting held on Thursday 18 February, Knowsley Town Council UNAMIMOUSLY RESOLVED NOT  to raise its precept for the forthcoming financial year 2016/17. This decision was reached despite the Town Council having received another cut in the Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme. Knowsley Town Council remains committed to providing an excellent service for all residents of the township and will continue its programme of upgrading its facilities for the benefits of the community it serves.   Read more [...]

The Maureen Clunan Memorial Award

Following the sad passing of former Councillor Maureen Clunan in 2013, the Town Council established an annual award in recognition of her tireless work in the community. This year, the Maureen Clunan Memorial Award was presented to Mary Keeley in recognition of her work in the community of Hillside and Longview. Mary was formally presented with the award at the Mayor’s celebration evening held in June.     Read more [...]

Grants and Sponsorship to Support Local Communities

Knowsley Town Council has always supported community groups and local organisations through it grants and sponsorship scheme. We believe that our Grants and Sponsorship Scheme offer an effective way to help and support residents in our community. Our Grants and Sponsorship Schemes support new and ongoing activities across our Town Council locality. Supporting and investing in local resident associations, youth groups as well as older people's groups. Take a look at our Grants and Sponsorships Read more [...]