Abacus Bus Shelter Removal Programme 2019/20


Abacus Bus Shelter Removal Programme 2019/20

Merseytravel carries out bus stop and shelter upgrades through specific LTP (Local Transport Plan) designated, capital funded schemes where a set budget is available. For bus stops which fall outside of such schemes, these are often deemed as ‘ad-hoc’ and as such, there is often a very limited budget to deal with replacements, relocations or other requests. Therefore, each site has to be looked upon on its merits.

In the instance of the remaining shelters on Merseyside which are of the ‘obsolete design’ category, a limited budget has been granted for the removal  and replacement of what are considered to be the most unsafe, unused and also the most warranted for replacement . There are approximately 75 of these shelters still in the ground throughout Merseyside and a programme is underway to remove those seen as in the most urgent need of such action and also for those locations which warrant a replacement.

A rigorous assessment has been made of these specific locations and identified by our contractor as having a high maintenance threshold which indicates that the shelter ‘spend’, in its present condition, is unsustainable.  The normal criteria used in terms of assessing whether a covered structure is justified, is a passenger boarding level of 10,000 per annum. Whilst this is not the only criteria used, it is an important component when submitting a report to the authority for the release of the applicable funding required in order to provide a new bus shelter facility which incidentally, runs into thousands of pounds.

Specific bus shelter locations have been identified (including 1 in your area) as requiring immediate action in terms of permanent removal of the shelter facility due to the dilapidated state of the structure. Based upon any feedback received, a further assessment will be made as to whether the shelter will be replaced with a new structure or reduced to a single bus stop pole.  

S44117C – Knowsley Lane, Opposite No.261