Everyone has a story to tell and in 2022 – Knowsley’s ‘Borough of Culture’ year – it’s time to tell ours.

The ‘Borough of Culture’ title is awarded annually by the city region’s Combined Authority to one of its six local authorities and in 2022 Knowsley will hold the title.

As part of our Borough of Culture year, each town and village will have the opportunity tell their story – an opportunity to shine the light on the history, heritage, dreams and ambitions that make our towns and villages unique, and then share these stories throughout 2022 in a way that is different, imaginative, creative and celebratory. 

We want to give as many individuals, communities and organisations as possible the opportunity to be part of Knowsley’s Borough of Culture year and shape the story of their own town or village.  So, throughout this autumn, Knowsley’s Culture Team invite you to come along to Cultural Conversations in order to uncover the stories of people, places and magic that will inspire a programme of events, exhibitions, activities and performances to mark the milestone year.

We’d love you to join us and share your thoughts, hopes and ideas to shape this exciting project. You can book on to your local event using the links below.

Knowsley Village  – Wednesday  30th October, 6.30-8.30pm

Bob Whiley Community Centre, Shop Road, Knowsley Village, L34 0HD


Look forward in hearing from you soon

Kindest Regards