This year’s campaign casts a particular spotlight on suicide prevention.  Here in Knowsley, we will be doing our bit to promote the day by signposting staff and residents to useful online resources and where to go for help or advice.  This of course includes our workplace Mental Health Champions.  We are also supporting the first ever national NHS campaign to target mental health – Every Mind Matters – and sharing a link to this film and others like “Ask Twice”

We know that the number of suicide has risen. We should be concerned – especially in the rise for young people and men. We don’t know the full reasons. One factor could be the change in law that reduces the burden of proof needed to register a death as a suicide (rather than accidental death). This may increase the numbers recorded but will give us a more accurate picture overall.

The reasons behind suicide are complex. Often it is when many factors come together that people are at the greatest risk.   

The evidence does point to financial uncertainty, poverty, unemployment, traumatic life events and persistent inequality as all having a significant influence, along with wider factors including ill-health, loneliness and discrimination.   

Getting help


If you’re considering seriously harming yourself: then reach out for support now. 

If you have seriously harmed yourself, or you don’t feel that you can keep yourself safe right now seek immediate help by calling 999, or going straight to A&E.   

  • Call your GP and ask for an emergency appointment  
  • Call NHS 111 (England) or NHS Direct (Wales) for out-of-hours to help   
  • Contact your mental health crisis team if you have one  

Phone a free helpline such as:  

  • Samaritans offer a 24-hours a day, 7 days a week support service. Call them FREE on 116 123. You can also email